2018 Fundraising Focus

Our Fundraising Goal for 2018 is $25,000 - Our Progress Bar below
We raised $26,161

In 2017 Upper Hutt School created a fundraising focus on the development of outdoor learning spaces – spaces to enable opportunities for children to learn outside of the classroom, too.  Spaces that excite, calm, and encourage different types of play and exploration.  

Thanks to the dedicated support of our school community and the generosity of our sponsors, Upper Hutt School Fundraising Team achieved our 2017 fundraising target of $25,000!    

This year, 2018, we are continuing to focus our fundraising efforts on our outdoor learning spaces.  The target has been set to raise another $25,000 this year.  We have planned a calendar of fundraising events (you can see event list on the Fundraising Team page), based on past events our school families and wider community enjoyed and supported.  And we have done it!  We reached our goal and have raised over $26,000 during 2018!

We know the outdoor learning focus is a huge undertaking for our school and Fundraising Team.  We have reached out to many many businesses local and New Zealand wide to help support our events, and increase our funds raised.  We are thankful that we have had so much support over the last few years. You can see the details of these wonderful businesses on our Community Sponsorship page.  We are also diligent about reaching out to raise funds from our wider community, which is why we have introduced events such as the Outdoor Movie Matinée and the Fiesta to reach further afield.  Where we can, we are approaching external funds,  we currently have an application for the Community Care Fund grant with Transpower to help us further develop our Outdoor Learning Spaces.  

The Fundraising Team have been successful with their application to partner with The Warehouse Upper Hutt as part of the Customer Choice ‘Bags for Good’ programme which runs until the end of January 2019.  So, every time you make a purchase at The Warehouse Upper Hutt, please make sure you ask for a TOKEN, which you can use to vote for our school in their customer choice ballot boxes.  At the end of each six month period funds raised are given to each of the store community partners according to their percentage of total votes. So please help us collect votes!